No-Show Policy

Papers that are accepted must be presented at the workshop, either by the authors themselves, or via proxy. In case a paper is not presented at the workshop, it shall be deemed a “no-show.” For poster session, in case there is no speaker in front of a poster , this implies a “no-show” (one of the authors should be present at the beginning and for most of entire poster session, for the introduction of the paper and answering questions). No-shows will be removed from post-conference distribution and will not be available on IEEE Xplore. Exceptions to this policy will be made by the MMSP 2014 Technical Program Chairs only if there is evidence that the no-show occurred because of unanticipated events beyond the control of the authors, and that every option available to the authors to present the paper was exhausted.

For more information, please refer to the Policy and Procedures of the IEEE Signal Processing Society.