Welcome to MMSP 2014

MMSP 2014 is the 16th International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing. The workshop is organized by the Multimedia Signal Processing Technical Committee of the IEEE Signal Processing Society. This year’s event has a new theme “Internet-of-Thing (IoT) Multimedia”. The theme covers multiple research areas of multimedia signal processing including processing, analysis, networking, security, database and visualization with emphasis on issues, challenges and solutions arising from their synergy with the  emerging IoT paradigm. To recognize high quality research papers, MMSP 2014 will be giving out awards for the  best paper, best student paper and best poster. Nominations for the awards will be based on the significance and  potential impact to the scientific community. The topics for regular sessions include, but are not limited to:

  • Multimedia signal processing and analysis
  • Multimedia signal denoising and enhancement
  • Multimedia content analysis and event detection
  • Multimedia security and forensics
  • Joint multimodal processing and analysis
  • Multimedia indexing and retrieval
  • Bio-inspired multimedia processing
  • Multimedia coding
  • Distributed/centralized source coding for sensor networks
  • Scalable and low delay source coding
  • Error/loss resilient source coding
  • Standards
  • Virtual reality and 3D 
  • Augmented, mixed and virtual reality
  • 3D imaging
  • 2D/3D graphics/geometry coding and animation
  • Distributed virtual reality and immersive communications
  • 3D audio and video processing and rendering
  • Multimedia networking
  • Multimedia communication over IoT
  • Green multimedia communication
  • Wireless multimedia sensor networks
  • QoS control and scheduling for real time applications
  • Networked audio and video quality monitoring and management
  • Cross-layer optimization
  • Multimedia systems and applications
  • Multimedia/multimodal interfaces
  • Distributed multimedia systems
  • Multimedia system for traffic and public security
  • Mobile and location aware multimedia services
  • Multimedia database and content management
  • Cloud-assisted multimedia systems
  • eHealthcare and telemedicine
  • Wearable multimedia computing
  • Entertainment and gaming
  • e-learning
  • Multimodal collaboration
  • Social networking
  • Crowdsourcing for multimedia
  • Integration of multimedia and technology
  • Multimedia Hardware
  • Hardware design
  • Real-time multimedia
  • Power-aware systems
  • Portable/wearable systems
  • Quality Assessment
  • Human perception modelling
  • Multimodal perception
  • Subjective quality assessment
  • Objective quality assessment
  • Quality of experience
  • Standards
  • IoT systems and applications
  • IoT signal processing
  • IoT systems and network
  • Interaction of IoT and humans
  • IoT applications and standards

Top 10% paper Award :

This award is granted to as many as 10% of the total paper submissions. To be selected from both oral and poster sessions, these papers are high quality accepted papers. Selection will be done by a panel of judges and is based on originality, technical contributions, and presentation during the workshop. The award includes a certificate and recognition on the official MMSP website.


Demo & Sketch

Authors are invited to submit a 1 page description of demonstrable prototype in the form of software or hardware in the above-mentioned area. In addition, authors can also submit a 2 page description of late breaking results or work that is not yet sufficiently mature for a full paper. Both Demo & Sketch works will be included in the conference brochure.  The Demo & Sketch forum provides an excellent opportunity to get feedback from world-leading experts so the works can be refined and extended for future publication.